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Safety Overview

K & K Offshore, LLC has no greater priority than the health and safety of our employees, coupled with protecting the environment in which we are all fortunate to live and work.  We accomplish our safety objectives by adhering strictly to all of the applicable laws, guidelines, and regulations set before us.  Success in this mission is obtained through compliance with all of our company safety guidelines, and our policies and procedures.  K & K Offshore, its Management Team and Crewmembers are committed to creating the safest work environment while having the utmost respect for the environment that will apply every measure necessary to achieve our ultimate goal, “SAFETY.”

We have established a precise and strict environmental program for our employees and vessels. The Master onboard our vessels acts as the environmental liaison for our company. Our management team and our crewmembers follow stringent guidelines and procedures for the disposal of refuse, waste oil & filters, handling of hazardous cargo, and reporting oil spills and/or other dangerous or harmful substances. We are a company that our clients can trust for safe, dependable, reliable daily operations while having the utmost respect for the environment.

K & K Offshore, LLC actively has membership in the following organizations:

ISNetworld ISNetworld is an on-line contractor/supplier management database. Owner Clients evaluate their contractor/supplier’s information to meet internal and governmental requirements. ISNetworld Review and Verification Services (RAVS) validates this information. Additionally, contractor/suppliers use the system to manage training and record keeping requirements.

PEC/ PREMIER SAFETY MANAGEMENT PEC / Premier Safety Management is a Louisiana-based company committed to providing its customers with high quality training and consulting services suited to their specific needs and in compliance with regulatory standards. We are here to assist our clients in achieving high standards of workplace safety, health, and environmental awareness, so that at the end of the day, their employees can return home safely.

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